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Hi, my name is Mike Connolly. I am the "Progressive Independent" candidate for State Representative in the 26th Middlesex District of Cambridge and Somerville.  

If you live in or around Central Square, Kendall Square, Inman Square, Area IV, Wellington-Harrington, East Cambridge, Union Square, or in any part of East Somerville, then please look for my name under the section that says "Representative in General Court" on the November 6th ballot.

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I am not a politician, but I am running to be your new State Representative because I understand that the people of Cambridge and Somerville are working harder than ever — just to make ends meet — and yet, when we look to our state legislature, we see a system that is clearly broken.

Beacon Hill is a place where corporate lobbyists and party leaders team up to put the interests of the rich and powerful ahead of our common needs. Meanwhile, rank-and-file legislators are granted a few favors in exchange for quietly going along with the status quo.

In the end, the progressive issues that really matter to us — such as public transportation, single-payer healthcare, clean elections, and global climate change — are neglected, rejected, nullified, and ignored.

Of course, talking about change is easy. To transcend the status quo, we have to actually be the change.

That's why this campaign does not accept any financial contributions.  Instead, we rely on donated materials and a team of dedicated volunteers — and together, we stand for the notion that financial influence should not translate into political influence.

By focusing exclusively on our community, we are building a local network of people who are interested in setting a better example for our democracy.  Will you chip in $0.00 to help our cause?

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Mike Connolly for State Representative